Where can families go rock pooling in Northumberland during low tide?

Northumberland, with its beautiful beaches and breathtaking coastlines, offers an unmissable opportunity for families: rock pooling during low tide. From the Bamburgh Castle to the sandy shores of the bay, there's so much to explore. Join us as we guide you through the best rock pooling sites in Northumberland, where the sea retreats and reveals a hidden world of wildlife.

Bamburgh Beach

Just beneath the impressive Bamburgh Castle, Bamburgh Beach is a perfect starting point for your rock pooling journey. The castle's backdrop gives a magical touch to the exploration, making the experience even more memorable.

With its flat, sandy expanses exposed during low tide, Bamburgh Beach offers vast areas to explore. Its rocks, filled with tiny pools, provide a habitat for a variety of marine life. Here, you can spot starfish, crabs, and sea anemones, amongst other creatures. Remember to tread lightly, as your feet might be stepping on a world full of life!

Seahouses Beach

Continuing your Northumberland tour, you'll find Seahouses Beach. This picturesque beach, located by the bustling village of Seahouses, is a hub of activity, and a popular choice for rock pooling.

At low tide, the sandy beach presents a myriad of rock pools ready to explore. Look out for the common blenny, a fascinating fish that can survive out of water for a short period. You can also find various types of seaweed, barnacles, and the occasional small lobster hiding amongst the rocks.

Beadnell Bay

Beadnell Bay is another excellent location for rock pool exploration. It's a wide sandy beach, backed by grassy dunes and a small park, making it the perfect place for a family day out.

The rocks on the northern end, exposed during low tide, are your go-to for rock pooling. Expect to find hermit crabs, shrimps, and even young flatfish camouflaged in the sand. Patience is key here, as some creatures might need a moment of stillness before they start moving and revealing their hiding spots.

Embleton Bay

Heading north, you'll encounter Embleton Bay, which lies near the charming village of Embleton. This beach is a hidden gem, less crowded and offering a peaceful environment for your marine exploration.

The bay is particularly renowned for its diverse wildlife. Here, the rock pools are teeming with a variety of species. This includes several types of snails, limpets, and even the elusive sea urchin. It's truly a fantastic spot to watch the little ones marvel at the wonders of nature.

Lindisfarne Beach

Finally, no trip to Northumberland would be complete without a visit to the Holy Island of Lindisfarne. The island, accessible via a causeway during low tide, is an extraordinary place to explore, with its historic castle and serene beaches.

Lindisfarne Beach is a haven for rock pool adventurers. Due to its unique location, it hosts a rich biodiversity. Look out for vibrant sea anemones, small fish species, and the occasional starfish.

As you explore the natural wonders of Northumberland's rock pools, remember to respect the environment. Handle the creatures gently and ensure you leave the rock pools as you found them. After all, the beaches are not just a place for us to enjoy, but a home for the myriad of life that resides there.

Rumbling Kern

Rumbling Kern is a lesser-known, but no less captivating, rock pooling site in Northumberland. It's a hidden cove near the village of Howick, named for the rumbling sound you can hear when the waves crash into the cave during high tide. The location might make you feel like you've stepped into a secret world, an impression that only increases when you start discovering the abundant marine life in its rock pools.

The rocky shoreline of Rumbling Kern is laid bare at low tide, unveiling a treasure trove of rock pools that teem with life. The Kern’s rock pools are home to a variety of marine species such as hardy winkles and limpets clinging to the rocks, scurrying hermit crabs, and the watchful eyes of lurking shrimps. Be sure to look closely at the pools, as some of the creatures blend in well with the sand and rocks.

Rumbling Kern is also a haven for bird watchers, with plenty of seabirds such as kittiwakes, guillemots and razorbills to spot. If you're lucky, you might even see seals bobbing in the waters off the coast. With its rugged landscape, abundant wildlife, and the soothing sounds of the North Sea, Rumbling Kern is a must-visit for families who love nature and adventure.

Low Newton Beach

Just south of Embleton, you'll find Low Newton Beach, a charming crescent-shaped sandy beach that's a favourite among locals. It's a picturesque spot, with the quaint village of Low Newton located at the back of the beach and the imposing ruins of Dunstanburgh Castle in the distance. Plus, being a dog-friendly beach, it’s perfect for families with furry friends.

As the tide pulls back from Low Newton’s sandy shores, it leaves behind a network of rock pools ripe for exploration. These are brimming with life and provide yet another opportunity for discovery. You can watch as small fish dart around, observe barnacles feeding with their tiny feathery legs, or marvel at the tenacity of the sea anemones anchored to the rocks.

Low Newton Beach has a car park nearby for easy access, and its sand dunes are a joy to roam. While the beach is a great spot year-round, it's especially lovely during the warmer months when you can end your rock pooling adventure with a picnic while enjoying the beautiful scenery.


Whether it's the awe-inspiring backdrop of Bamburgh Castle, the bustling village atmosphere of Seahouses Beach, the peaceful solitude of Embleton Bay, the historical allure of the Holy Island of Lindisfarne, the hidden beauty of Rumbling Kern, or the local charm of Low Newton Beach, Northumberland offers a range of captivating locations for rock pooling.

Remember, while rock pooling is a fun and educational activity, it's essential to treat these habitats with respect. Leave the rock pools exactly as you found them and handle any creatures with care. After all, we are just visitors to these fascinating microcosms of marine life.

From the tranquil beaches of Beadnell Bay to the vibrant wildlife of Northumberland's rock pools, every family trip will be filled with discoveries, adventures, and unforgettable memories. Don't miss out on the chance to explore these best beaches during low tide for an immersive experience in this beautiful coastal landscape.